Socialist album

“Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School” (2014)

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School (Big Band)

Chelsea McBride – composer/arranger, conductor (River & Julia), tenor saxophone (Thinking In Circles, State of Mind, State of Mind reprise)
Daniel Jamieson – conductor (Thinking In Circles, State of Mind, State of Mind reprise)
William Carn – trombone solo on River

Shanna Hanko – alto & soprano sax, flute
Nick Morgan – alto sax, flute
Patrick Panus – tenor sax, flute
Ben McCarroll-Butler – tenor sax, clarinet
Katie Vallar – bari sax, bass clarinet

Tom Moffett – trumpet & flugelhorn
Justin See – trumpet & flugelhorn (River & Julia)
Tom Upjohn – trumpet & flugelhorn (Thinking in Circles, State of Mind, State of Mind reprise)
Andrew McAnsh – trumpet & flugelhorn
Alex Gambrel – trumpet & flugelhorn

Jill Richards – trombone
Aidan Sibley – trombone
Devin Chubb – trombone
Nicholas Sieber – bass trombone

Nick Maclean – piano
Dan Rougeau – guitar
Steven Falk – acoustic bass (River & Julia)
Brad Cheeseman – electric bass (Thinking in Circles)
Geoff Bruce – drums

recorded at Humber Studios, October 19 & December 1, 2013
produced by Kevin Stolz
engineered/mixed by Phil Spencer
mastered by Reuben Ghose
album artwork by Kinta Maeda

special thanks to Ian Terry and Daniel Jamieson for their mentorship and guidance throughout this project, and to my family for their continuing support of my musical endeavours.
This album is dedicated to the late Jeremy Hepner. Without your influence, this album wouldn’t exist. Rest in peace.
Released May 2014
Daniel’s role: Conductor

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