Pink Pop Festival June 2014
Ed Kowalczyk & the Noordpool Orkest
“Iris” arr. Daniel Jamieson
“Pillar of Davidson” arr. Daniel Jamieson

Spectrum Music Early Expressions Concert
April 17th, 2014
Florian Hoefner and the Ton Beau String Quartet
“Obelisk on the River Nile” – comp & arr by Daniel Jamieson

Danjam Orchestra & Sneak Peek Orchestra Present:
Video: Coltrane Ballads Featuring Mike Ruby
Monday September 30th, 2013
Al Green Theatre, Toronto
Mike Ruby: tenor sax
John Riley: drums
Arlia de Ruiter: violin
Victor Cheng: piano
Daniel Jamieson: conductor / arranger

2013 Edison Jazz & World Music Awards
“The 2nd Coming of Homunculus & Do You Know Ben van Gelder? / Malala”
comp. Reinier Baas, arr. Daniel Jamieson
Marcus Miller & the Metropole Orchestra (2 tunes)
conducted by Daniel Jamieson
Marcus Miller & the Metropole Orchestra (full set)
conducted by Daniel Jamieson

Coltrane Ballads in Toronto Promo Video
Aug 3rd, 2013

Anthony Hamilton & Metropole Orchestra
Commissioned for the 2013 North Sea Jazz Festival
“Pray for Me” arr. Daniel Jamieson

Interview w/ Joe Lovano – Coltrane Ballads Project
May 18th, 2013

Christian Scott & Metropole Orchestra
Commissioned for the 2012 Edison Awards
“Jihad Joe” arr. Daniel Jamieson

Douzi & Metropole Orchestra
Summer 2012
“Maryama” arr. Daniel Jamieson

Danjam Orch Featuring Jim McNeely at Symphony Space
April 2nd, 2012
“A Desperate Act” comp. Daniel Jamieson – Jim McNeely, Mike Ruby, Andrew Gould, Nils Weinhold
“The Tightrope Walker” comp. Jim McNeely – Jim McNeely, Dan Fortin
“Death & Fire” comp. Jim McNeely – Daniel Jamieson
“Phantasm” comp. Daniel Jamieson – Jim McNeely

Victoria Bond Interviews Daniel Jamieson – video
Victoria Bond Interviews Jim McNeely – video

Metropole Orchestra Arrangers’ Workshop w/ Vince Mendoza & Kurt Elling
March 2012
“Late Night Willie” comp. Keith Jarret, arr. Daniel Jamieson, cond. Vince Mendoza – Kurt Elling, Hans Vroomans
“Bloomdido” comp. Charlie Parker, arr. Daniel Jamieson

Danjam Orch CD Release 2011 Featuring John Riley & Tim Ries
March 31st 2011 (Toronto) & May 15th 2011 (New York)
“Alone Together” – Nick Morgan, Jon Challoner
“Song for Anna” – Ethan Ardelli, Jihye Kim
“Sudden Appearance” – Andrew Gould, Eric Miller, Jon Challoner
“Ballad for Hope” – Tim Ries

JazzFM Interview with Jaymz Bee
April 2nd, 2011

Update Video
Jan 8th, 2011
This is the first in a series of videos pertaining to the making of the Danjam Orchestra debut CD. In this video you meet our producer, Jim McNeely and our drummer, John Riley. They discuss their roles leading up to and during the recording. Additionally, some band members reflect on their experiences. There is also some footage of the band rehearsing and recording in the studio. Enjoy!

Danjam Orch Live at Manhattan School of Music
March 28th, 2010
“Chance Encounter” – Jarrett Cherner, Mike Ruby, John Raymond, Jerad Lippi
“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” – Alex LoRe
“Song for Anna” – Eddy Hackett, Anna Webber
“Crunchy Peanut Butter” – Danny Rivera, Philip Dizack, Jerad Lippi
“Sudden Appearance” 1/2 – Jay Rattman, Eric Miller, Matt Holmdan
“Sudden Appearance” 2/2
“Calming” 1/2 – Jerret CHerner, Nils Weinhold, Jerad Lippi
“Calming” 2/2
“Ballad for Hope” – Anna Webber
“Smile” – Daniel Jamieson

Danjam Orch Live at the Rex
March 10th, 2010
“Chance Encounter” – Florian Hoefner, Mike Ruby, Patrick Boyle, Ethan Ardelli
“Ballad for Hope” – Anna Webber
“Calming” 1/2 – Florian Hoefner, Nils Weinhold, Ethan Ardelli
“Calming” 2/2
“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” – Tara Davidson
“Wabash” – Andrew Gould, Mike Ruby, Eric Miller
“Sudden Appearance” 1/2 – Andrew Gould, Eric Miller, Jon Challoner
“Sudden Appearance” 2/2
“Song for Anna” – Anna Webber
“Crunchy Peanut Butter” – Mike Murley, Brian O’Kane, Ethan Ardelli
“Smile” – Daniel Jamieson

Danjam Orch Featuring Tony Malaby Live at the Brooklyn Lyceum
October 11th, 2009
Greg King (video)
“Sudden Appearance” 1/2 – Alex LoRe, Sara Jacovicno, Mat Jodrell
“Sudden Appearance” 2/2
“Ballad for Hope” – Tony Malaby
“Wabash” – Alex LoRe, Tony Malaby, Eric Miller
“Song for Anna” – Eddy Hackett, Anna Webber, Tony Malaby
“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” – Jay Rattman


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