1 Hour Private Lesson


Daniel offers private composition and arranging lessons over skype. Whether you want to refine a specific arrangement or improve your general skills, Daniel will create a custom lesson plan to fit your needs. PDF, Sibelius, & Finale files are accepted. You will be contacted shortly after purchase to schedule lesson times.

“Studying with Daniel was very inspiring for me. He has the rare capability of transmitting all his passion and enthusiasm for jazz writing, along with the most thorough approach. He gave me a lot in terms of motivation and he helped me to reach a professional, self-critical standpoint from which to consider my own work.”
– Damiano Pascarelli

“Daniel helped break down the daunting creative process of arranging for orchestra into logical and focused steps.  What could have been an exhausting and overwhelming task became a helpful and productive learning tool thanks to Daniel’s expertise and experience.”
– Steve McFarlane

“Daniel is a patient and generous teacher with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and empirically appealing aesthetic.  His lessons are very comprehensive, instructive and inspiring.”
– Tara Davidson

“Dan was really great at demonstrating arranging techniques I hadn’t encountered. He also opened my ears up to possibilities I hadn’t considered, while still encouraging me to trust my instincts, the emotion of the piece, and the sentiment I wanted to get across. He’s been a big influence on me finding my own voice as an arranger, and has been a supportive & enthusiastic mentor as well.”
– Chelsea McBride

“Dan’s experiences of working in a vast variety of musical styles and situations provided me with a huge amount of insight. His articulate and supportive feedback made a great improvement to how I compose and rehearse.”
– Nick Lavkulik

“Dan is not only a world class arranger but a world class teacher as well. He greatly helped me to refine my arranging skills through his extremely clear and organized teaching methods.”
– Alex Goodman

“Daniel is brilliant teacher, providing clear ideas and tools that I found very insightful helpful and accessible. For example, he helped me transfer some of my ideas from the piano to the orchestra. The special thing is that not only that he has such knowledge and experience but he’s also truly eager and excited to share it with the world and pass it on which is a beautiful thing and what it’s all about as i see it.”
– Guy Mintus

“Daniel Is an extremely talented artist and his abilities are, quite frankly , terrifying. His teaching abilities are no exception. He opened up some doors for me and helped me confront some glaring issues that I had with my own arranging. His extensive knowledge and his organized way of explaining complex concepts is nothing short of inspiring.”
– Craig Cammell

“I am a jazz guitar player from Shanghai, China. Daniel taught me valuable harmonic and arranging techniques. He is not only a good arranger, composer and educator, but also an accomplished saxophonist. I had lots of fun studying with him!!”
– Xiaojun Chen

“In two short lessons Daniel was able to drastically help me with a chart I had been working on. He is able to isolate problem areas and suggest effective solutions very efficiently. Thanks Dan!”
– Kristofer Maddigan